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About Us

About KITCO Coin

KITCO METALS is a largest metal storage company originated in Monteral Canada .For more than four decades Monteral based Kitco Metals has been one of the most premier retailers of precious metal products .Kitco is at the forefront of the innovation applying the latest technologies for trading the precious metals .In the last several years ,a $2 trillion financial system has emerged in the form of the cryptocurrency markets and Ktico's coverage on cryptocurrencies is unique as to how the emerging cryptop space is interacting,impacting and influencing commodities and invester sentiment.

The coin was named as KITCO COIN

Stage 2

April 1 - June 30 Kitco Coin Price $0.05

Stage 3

July 1 - September 31 Kitco Coin Price $0.1

Stage 4

KitcoCoin Listing on top 10 Exchangers in December , Minimum Listing $1

Stage 1

January 1 -March 31 Kitco Coin Price $0.025

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Our Vision

The main point of cryptocurrency is to fix the problems of traditional currencies by putting the power and responsibility in the currency holders' hands.

This is where our KITCO COINS plays a maj

Our Mission

Cryptocurrencies are widely considered to be the most promising innovation that this generation has been trying to perfect or prefect in this economical frenzy of freedom.

Our KITCO COIN will help the every individual of the co

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